Public Art – A Present for Someone You Have Never Met

As many of you know, if you hang around Lonnie Hanzon long enough you will come away with some wonderful quotes!  One of my favorite is a statement he gave in an interview about his public art work Lakewood Legacy Trees. He equated designing public art to creating a present for someone you have never met. This quote has always stuck with me and it remains at the essence of public art in general and all of Lonnie’s work.  

This month we announce Lonnie’s newest pro-bono public art work, Equal Threshold. This will be a temporary work at Denver PrideFest in June on the 16th & 17th. This is the fourth year that Lonnie and Hanzon Studios have built and created a large scale public work for PrideFest and the purpose behind each piece says a lot about where we are as a country, the status of GLBTQ rights, and the type of “gift” that is produced.

Equal Threshold will not only be visually captivating, it will require intellectual and physical audience participation involving the choosing of doors and a literal step across the thresholds. Participants will become part of the story, joining together in a center space. The concept behind the piece derives from the 1964 Civil Rights Act which is contemporarily connected to the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights CommissionLike Equality Cake, a timely issue drives the choice of art and theme. This leads to another of my favorite Lonnie quotes regarding how an inequality in marriage lead to an inequality in cake. While we all know it isn’t just about cake, cake does hold symbolic value for some of the biggest events in our lives – birthdays, graduations, and marriage -  and it is that shared history of celebration that should be equal for all people.

We are currently raising money for the production of Equal Threshold.

You can make a donation under Membership & Donation, One Time Gift, or if you become a Member your money will also go to the project. Checks can be mailed to The Hanzon Foundation at 1585 Glen Bar Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215.

We have some other big events to tell you about in June:

Trash Fashion Show                   Saturday, June 9th 6-9 pm

Lonnie will be speaking at the Outspoken Speaker series.

Outspoken Speaker Series           Tuesday, June 5th 7:00 pm   

A huge thanks to all of you that have become members and donated to our Foundation.  Your generosity has made the lauch of The Hanzon Foundation a success!

Shanda Plock