A New Year: In Search of Heart

Hello and Happy 2019! If you are like me you are feeling the hopefulness and promise that a new year brings, as well as the frustration and confusion brought about by the state of our democracy.  Because there are many things out of all of our control, I am focusing on the small gifts that we can provide and share with others.  

So let me begin by telling you that my husband has been an elementary school teacher for 27 years – all of them at a small Title 1 school in Lakewood, Slater Elementary.  All three of my children have attended Slater and it is the home school for our neighborhood – both mine and Lonnie and Terry’s.  Title 1 schools are schools where there is a very high number of free and reduced lunch students.  You can imagine many of the needs felt by these students and the challenges that face this type of school. I was surprised a few years ago, however, to discover that many students at Slater are unable to participate in one of the most enduring elementary school traditions – the giving of Valentines cards to their classmates.  Something so tiny and yet so significant.  It is a small act of sharing our love and friendship in a tangible way and one that I have always taken for granted.  When I discovered this and shared this with Lonnie and Terry, we began to donate boxes of Valentines to the school.  The family liaison can keep them on hand and give them out to students that want to participate and share with their friends. 

This year, I am hoping to increase the giving and share Valentines with multiple Title 1 elementary schools.  I have contacted several Family Liaisons at schools in our area and the response has been one of significant gratitude.  One local school has a 95% free and reduced rate of students and many students that are homeless.  

I have set up a link under Membership & Donation (Click here) if you would like to give to our Valentine fund or you can donate by mailing boxes of Valentines to The Hanzon Foundation at 1585 Glen Bar Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215. Please try to buy a variety that suits all ages K-6th grade.  

You will be providing a simple gift but a cherished memory for all of the students that participate.  

This is just the beginning of the type of giving and programming we hope to provide this year. 

The basis of so much of Lonnie Hanzon and Hanzon Studio’s art is love, compassion, and joy. Valentines are a perfect symbol of all of these. (The images below are from the 2018 Public Art Piece - Equal Threshold.)

Thanks so much for your support –

Shanda Plock

Director of The Hanzon Foundation