A Good Teacher Can Show You The World

Let me begin by saying

Happy Birthday

to The Hanzon Foundation! 

Our journey as an official Foundation began one year ago today. And like a one year old, we are ready to roam and explore. We are learning to understand our place in the world and to speak our own language!


A major focus of the year ahead is giving back and inspiring the next generation. If you have ever heard Lonnie talk about his life and career, you know it was positively impacted by caring educators. In fact, he often says teachers “saved his life.” I know for me, teachers inspired a shy girl to speak, helped me find hobbies that I still love today, and introduced me to an entire continent of art and culture that spoke to my heart.

Our program, The Artist in my Neighborhood will be in two elementary schools this spring and more next year. Pieces from the series “From the Chest” will be on display at the schools and students will create their own art inspired by Lonnie’s automatic/blind drawing style and other artworks. The young artists are also able to write a card to Lonnie full of questions and comments which will then get a personal response. The Foundation is also hosting a talk for Jefferson County art teachers in April. Lonnie will share “The Grit of Glitter” - stories from his career and the importance of teachers in his life - and introduce them to Immersive Art. (See the Westword article below where Lonnie was interviewed about Immersive Art.) More programming and outreach are in the planning stages for middle and high school grades.

Keep a look out for more information about this years public art piece for Denver PrideFest and other exciting events. Thanks to all of you that donated to our Valentines Project. I was lucky enough to watch kids come in and pick out their box of Valentines - what a lovely and simple way to share the love.

Remember to renew your Membership for the new year or maybe become a Member for the first time.

Happy Birthday Hanzon Foundation! It is has been a great first year!

Shanda Plock

Director of The Hanzon Foundation