The Mission of The Hanzon Foundation is to share the history, philosophy, mediums, and methods central to the life and work of Lonnie Hanzon and terry koepsel hanzon.       

It has been a fascinating career and education thus far. I am 58 years old at this writing. I see no retirement in sight. But I don’t know if I will be able to unlock enough skills and circumstance to reach the zenith of my own creative work as a designer/creator in this lifetime. The world is moving faster and faster and I can’t out run the young bulls. So I am trying to see my works and our work process as a living thing - a “School” that allows (itself) to be added to and continued on in the most fundamental levels of craft, art, design, structure and magic making. It is how I can commit deeply during the senior chapter of my career. I may spend the rest of my days designing what I would have built if I had been afforded the opportunity rather than to wait for the magic wand to point my direction. As in my personal fictional “world” or “Lore”, the Wizard always leaves everything he can behind to help the hero break through to a higher place. I wouldn’t be the first to approach a life this way - an honorable way to dedicate a career and life. As a “Keeper".

Lonnie Hanzon